Who played Hollis on 911?

Patrick Fischler was born on December 29, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He is an actor and …

Who plays smoothie?

Does Harvey beat Malik?

Harvey comes home to find Sean Cahill waiting for him. … This leads to Harvey beating Malik once more and sending him to prison. Meanwhile, Esther asks Louis to make sure a merger of her company does not happen because the man on the other side once sexually assaulted her, and she does not want to come forward.

What did Snow White do to Maleficent?

And she brought something truly dark and incredibly sad with her — the truth about the secret Snow and Charming have been keeping from Emma. Sometime back in the Enchanted Forest, Snow caused Maleficent to lose her baby and she confessed her secret to Regina.

Is smoothie a woman happy?

Smoothie is a psychopathic hitman who is also a sexual sadist.

Why did Don Draper punches Jimmy?

Angered by Jimmy’s meddling in his marriage, Don punches him in the face at Freddy Rumsen’s retirement party, effectively ending their professional relationship and closing out Jimmy’s storyline on the show. Fischler’s obnoxious portrayal of the Don Rickles-style comedian was a delight to watch.

What happened to smoothies eye in Happy?

Merry bursts in, gun blazing. She shoots at Smoothie and a bullet grazes his eye.

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