What is paramedic research?

In every medical specialty, and most aspects of health care, research drives improvements in care and systems. … Paramedics have become increasingly involved in conducting important emergency medical services (EMS) research. This has led to publication of scholarly articles changing clinical and operational practice.

Why is research important for paramedics?

It is important for paramedics to have a foundation in research methods. A fundamental understanding of research methods assists the paramedic in basing practice on evidence. … The ability to appreciate and critique research can contribute positively to the development of the paramedic profession.

What is EMS research?

Analyzing data and measuring performance to enable improvement in EMS systems. Data-driven, evidence-based EMS systems can promote improved quality of patient care.

What is the goal of research in EMS?

Research is paramount to developing new lifesaving techniques and providing an evidence base to support EMS-related practices. Previous surveys of EMS providers have shown that prehospital research is considered vitally important in the advancement of EMS.

Why does the ambulance industry conduct research?

As the landscape of what we do as an ambulance service changes, we also need the research and evidence to show that the care we provide is effective, beneficial, safe and cost-effective. … It shows how research plays such an important role in improving ambulance services and the care patients receive.

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Why are EMS so important?

The main purpose of EMS to provide for immediate medical care to the people who most need it, without which, heart attacks and accidents would lead to many more fatalities. … Once a medical emergency is confirmed, a report can then be made to the proper authorities.

Who should provide funding for EMS research?

Recommendation 4. States, corporations, and charitable foundations should be encouraged to support EMS research. State lead EMS agencies should promote prehospital research and facilitate the development of relationships and resources necessary for such studies.

Is research needed for paramedic practice?

For paramedic practice to truly be evidence based, the development of high quality pre-hospital specific research is essential. The use of evidence in the practice setting facilitates sound clinical decision-making, which in turn improves patient care.

What is one outcome of medical research EMS?

What is one outcome of medical research for EMS? prehospital; out of hospital. The modern Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system has been developed to provide.

Why is enhanced 9 1 a benefit to the EMS system?

An enhanced 9-1-1 system allows the emergency dispatcher to: Immediately access the phone number and address from which the call is being made. First responders are generally trained to provide the following care: Bleeding control, airway management, and automated external defibrillation.

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