How do I cancel my St Johns Ambulance?

How do I cancel my St Johns Ambulance donation?

If you registered to give through a door-to-door fundraiser and would like to amend or cancel your direct debit, please fill out the online cancellation form or call our Supporter Hotline 0114 238 7360.

How do I contact St Johns Ambulance?


  1. General enquiries. Telephone 03000 616161 Online Contact form.
  2. Specialist enquiries for… Journalist or media. Get in touch. Contact us.
  3. Report a serious concern. As a member of the public.
  4. Complaints. Complaints about a service or provider we regulate.

Do St Johns Ambulance workers get paid?

Why work for St John Ambulance? We offer a full-time permanent role where you are paid a salary, typically for working a 40-42 hour week. … 25 days paid holiday, with 8 bank holidays, and additional pay for overtime and unsociable hours.

What is the St John’s email?

For students

If you are a student your email address is in the format of All students are on Office 365 and can access their email along with online versions of Microsoft Applications.

Is St Johns Ambulance a registered charity?

Our registered charity number: 1077265/1. Our registered address: St John Ambulance, 27 St John’s Lane, London, EC1M 4BU.

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Is St John Ambulance religious?

The St John movement was so powerful at the time, that it formed a new religious and military order, officially recognised by the church in 1113.

How is St John’s ambulance funded?

All our charitable work is entirely funded by donations, and we are a market leader in the provision of workplace training, first aid supplies and event and ambulance services.

Are St Johns ambulance courses free?

Our free first aid workshops can help raise awareness of the importance of first aid in your organisation or at a local event.

How much do St John’s Ambulance get paid?

How much does St John Ambulance pay per year? The average St John Ambulance salary ranges from approximately £21,000 per year for an Emergency Ambulance Crew to £23,083 per year for a Trainer. St John Ambulance employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.2/5 stars.

How many employees does St Johns Ambulance have?

We are a team of over 2,000 employees and 20,000 volunteers, united by our goal of saving lives through essential first aid services, training and campaigning.

How do I become a St John Ambulance paramedic?

Entry requirements and training (paramedic)

  1. take a full-time approved qualification in paramedic science (e.g. at a university) and then apply to an ambulance service as a qualified paramedic.
  2. become a student paramedic with an ambulance service and study while you work.
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