Does Grace wake up on 911 Lone Star?

Grace eventually did wake up and the doctors revealed that she does not have any brain trauma and will recover with physical therapy and lots of resting. They also received the good news that Grace is pregnant which left the couple overjoyed.

Does Judd tell Grace?

At the end of their first conversation, he tells her his actual name is Judd. Judd keeps calling Grace at the prayer hotline to tells her about the progress he’s making with Cal’s mother. … Later that night, Grace tells Judd that she decided to stay in Austin and that she loves him and that she knows he loves her too.

Does Judd or grace die on 911 Lone Star?

Fans are glad that Grace did not die and there is the hope of a happy ending for Grace and Judd.

Does chimney die in 911?

Thankfully Chimney didn’t die, but how many times will he be able to cheat death? In an interview with The Wrap, 9-1-1 showrunner Tim Minear discussed what’s next for the first-responder drama in Season 4.

Who is leaving 911 on Lonestar?

Actor Derek Webster’s exit from the show wasn’t entirely surprising, especially after he was cast in Lee Daniels’ straight-to-series Fox drama Our Kind of People, but his character’s death still wasn’t a foregone conclusion.

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