Best answer: What happens at the end of the paramedic?

After their struggle following her escape from Angel’s house, he becomes paralyzed from the neck down after falling off of a landing. The Paramedic ends with Angel being hospitalized after his accident.

Did he die in Synchronic?

However, he’s got a tumour on his pineal gland, which is killing him. The odd nature of the tumour has kept his pineal gland from calcifying – making him one of the rare adults who can physically travel through time by taking Synchronic.

Did they find Brianna in Synchronic?

Steve sits on that rock and takes the pill. He ends up in a war zone, with fires raging and canons exploding, presumably during the American Civil War. He finds Brianna in a trench filled with dead bodies. She is confused as to how Steve found her—she doesn’t know about any message.

Is The Paramedic worth watching?

The Paramedic is certainly well made, but Ángel is such an unlikeable protagonist that some of the sequences involving his revenge plots – and general existence – feel grueling and unpleasant to endure.

What happened at end of Synchronic?

Mystery ending

After Brianna’s disappearance, Steve decides that he will take all the Synchronic he can and faces the drug’s maker Dr. Kermani. It’s Kermani who tells him how Synchronic works, including why it sends people to the past.

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Is Synchronic a real drug?

Though the victims are found in very different circumstances – one has been stabbed by a centuries-old sword, while others have been burned or frozen to death – they have all taken Synchronic, a designer drug based on the hallucinogen DMT.

Does he make it back at the end of Synchronic?

When an adult takes Synchronic, they appear like a ghost in the past. But since kids’ pineal glands haven’t fully calcified yet, they physically go back to the past entirely, and there have been reports of some teens being trapped there.

Is the dog OK in Synchronic?

the dog does not die, but it disappears like a ghost and the owner cannot go back to save him.

Is synchronic connected to the endless?

Synchronic is also the fourth entry in a connected indie universe that Benson and Moorhead have been quietly building since 2012’s Resolution, one that also includes Spring and The Endless. … This time around, Benson and Moorhead also star as brothers who escaped what they thought was a UFO death cult as kids.

Why was always spelled wrong in synchronic?

The misspelling was because it used to be “anything” or “anywhere” or something like that. I think it was anything. And there was a weird spelling in that as well.

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