Best answer: Do Porsche 911 rear seats fold down?

On the bright side, the rear seats fold down into a flat shelf that provides a few more cubic feet of space. The rear seats are so small that you’ll probably want to keep them folded down all the time anyway.

Can you fit in the back of 911?

There are certain cars you just don’t associate with children and families; the Porsche 911 is one such car. … Now, Porsche does offer their own baby seat that fits perfectly in the back of the 911. In conjunction with Tequipment, Porsche Design offers rear– and front-facing baby seats, as well as a booster seat.

Does 911 GT3 have rear seats?

As the 911 GT3 is traditionally a two-seater, the seat pans in the rear are covered. Porsche offers three additional seat variants for the 911 GT3: The adaptive Sports seats Plus boast electrical adjustment of all seat functions (18-way).

Why do coupes have back seats?

The back seats provide an excellent additional storage spot for when you don’t want to access the trunk or for when the trunk is already full. Again, this is something you don’t have to do very often — but when you do have to do it, it’s nice to have some space back there where you can put things.

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Can you fit a golf bag in a Porsche Boxster?

Can you fit golf clubs in a Porsche 718? The 981 and 718 have the same rear trunk. It is a bit narrower inside than the 986, especially right next to the taillights, where people would put the drivers. A standard size golf bag fits with only the short clubs .

Does a Porsche 911 have a trunk?

The Porsche 911 has a front trunk with 4.6 cubic feet of cargo space. That isn’t much room, even by luxury sports car standards. The rear seats do fold flat though, allowing for extra storage room in a pinch.

Can you fit golf clubs in a Targa?

They are an ideal supplement to the boot, allowing you to carry bulkier items like golf clubs. The 911 Targa has its boot in the front and the engine in the rear.

Does Porsche Boxster have rear seats?

Porsches are favorites of speed freaks and lovers of high-performance cars. … Do Porsches have backseats? Porsche models such as the Macan, 911, and Cayenne have backseats that allow you to carry up to five passengers. However, models like the Cayman and Boxster lack backseats.

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