Your question: What is a good step score for emergency medicine?

Specialty Average Step 1 Score (Matched) Average Step 2 Score (Matched)
Emergency Medicine 233 247
Family Medicine 221 238
General Surgery 237 249
Internal Medicine 235 248

What is a good step 2 score for emergency medicine?

230-245: This range is considered good. Students with scores in this range will likely have most to all doors open to all specialties, especially if paired with at least good performances on Step 2 and clinical grades. 245-255: Scores in this range are considered very good.

What step score do I need for EM?

A solid emergency medicine application would include a 243+ on Step 1, a strong LOR from 1-3 emergency medicine physicians, and a good clerkship grade in an EM rotation (although not as necessarily in your core rotations)

Does em care about Step 2?

In EM your Step 2 scores are both more and less important than Step 1 scores. Step 2 covers more clinically relevant material so a really good Step 2 score will make many Program Director forget about a mediocre Step 1 score.

How important is Step 1 for emergency medicine?

The results suggest that some EM programs use Step 1 scores as a screening tool for the applications they receive. Dr. Negaard found that scoring at the national average across all specialties, a score of 228 in 2016, was well within most screening cutoffs reported by program directors.

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What is the easiest doctor to become?

A general practice doctor has the least amount of requirements for any medical doctor. While these doctors do still have four years of medical school and one to two years of residency after completing four years of undergraduate education, this is the minimum amount of education any medical doctor must undergo.

Is 247 a good step score?

Generally speaking, however, a USMLE® Step 1 score between 230 and 245 is considered a good and a score between 245 and 255 is considered very good.

What is the average Step 1 score for specialties?

Average Step 1 Scores by Specialty for the 2018 Match

US Allopathic Seniors
General Surgery 236 219
Internal Medicine 233 207
Internal Med/Peds 235 217
Interventional Radiology 246 242

Why is Step 2 easier than Step 1?

In general, studying for Step 2 CK takes less prep time than Step 1 with less focus on the nitty-gritty details that you had to know for Step 1. UWorld (a must): Go through UWorld throughout third year as you are doing your clerkships and studying for your shelf exams.

Can I match em with a 225?

Osteopathic students can take the USMLE but we’re focusing here on U.S. allopathic seniors. Those that matched into Emergency Medicine scored between 225 roughly and 245 which are great scores, and those that did not match scored in roughly 205 to 235.

What is the easiest medical specialty?

Here is our list of the top 10 happiest doctor specialties according to work-life balance and personality:

  1. Family Medicine. …
  2. Diagnostic Radiology. …
  3. Dermatology. …
  4. Anesthesiology. …
  5. Ophthalmology. …
  6. Pediatrics. …
  7. Psychiatry. …
  8. Clinical Immunology/Allergy.
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What is the average Step 2 CK score?

Data provided by the National Board of Medical Examiners, which administers the USMLE, indicate that the average score for Step 2 CK, for US medical graduates, hovers just above 240 – generally it’s been 242 to 243 over the past few years. The 25th percentile is around 232, while the 75th percentile is around 256.

How competitive is em?

The overall competitiveness level of emergency medicine is Medium for a U.S. senior. With a Step 1 score of 200, the probability of matching is 75%. With a Step 1 score of >240, the probability is 93%.

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