You asked: When should you go to urgent care for a finger injury?

If the bleeding hasn’t stopped after 15 minutes of pressure, it’s time to go to an immediate injury care clinic like Go To Ortho or an urgent care. If the cut is deep: for example, if you see fat, muscle or bone, you definitely want to seek immediate medical attention.

When should you go to the doctor for a finger injury?

After injury, if pain or swelling limits the motion or use of the fingers, or if the finger becomes numb, seek medical care. If the injury to the finger includes a laceration, crushed tissue, or exposure of bone, the individual should go to an emergency department for immediate medical care.

How do you know if a finger injury is serious?

Always seek medical care if the following occur:

  1. If there is severe pain or deformity.
  2. If there is uncontrolled bleeding.
  3. If there is numbness (loss of sensation)
  4. If the finger is pale or bluish in color.
  5. If there are exposed bones or tendons.

When should you go to urgent care for a hand injury?

If you suspect a broken wrist or hand, especially with swelling, numbness, or immobility, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. If treatment is delayed, the hand may never heal properly, leaving you with pain, restricted range of motion, and weakened grip.

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What does a torn finger tendon feel like?

Painful and swollen finger joints. Difficulty bending your finger joints or inability to bend these joints. Numbness in your finger – if the nerves that are located very close to your flexor tendon are also injured. Tenderness and pain on the palm side of the affected finger.

How long does it take for a finger injury to heal?

Complete healing usually takes from 2 to 4 weeks, although stiffness and hypersensitivity may remain longer, depending on the severity of the injury. Larger tissue injury. If your fingertip wound is large and open, there may not be enough remaining skin to heal and cover the open area.

Is CVS Minute Clinic still open?

Welcome to MinuteClinic® To best serve high patient demand for COVID-19 testing, there may be limited availability for scheduling a MinuteClinic visit in advance. Our clinics still remain open for walk-ins.

What happens when you fall on your hand?

Injuries You May Suffer if You Landed on Your Hand After a Fall. Your hand contains over two dozen bones and many more ligaments, any one of which can be broken or torn as a result of bracing a fall. The most common fractures victims may suffer when landing on their outstretched hands include: Broken hand.

When should you go to urgent care vs Primary Care?

Should you go to Urgent Care or Your PCP? Urgent care centers are for patients whose illnesses or injuries don’t present as life-threatening but can’t wait until a primary care physician can treat them. The advantage of going to an urgent care center is to be seen the same day.

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