What is the difference between EMT IMC and rigid conduit?

Rigid is a thick wall conduit that is normally threaded. EMT is a thin wall conduit that is not thick enough to be threaded. Electrical Metallic Tubing—EMT EMT is also called “thin-wall” conduit because it is thin and lightweight, especially compared to RMC.

Is IMC The same as rigid conduit?

Rigid metal conduit (RMC) is the thickest-wall and heaviest-weight steel conduit. … Intermediate metal conduit (IMC) has a thinner wall than RMC and weighs about one-third less. IMC has a thinner wall than RMC and weighs about one-third less than RMC.

What is IMC conduit?

Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC) provides a lighter weight, lower-cost solution for jobs that require the same strength as galvanized rigid steel conduit.

What is IMC conduit used for?

Intermediate metal conduit, or IMC, is a rigid steel electrical conduit designed for outdoor exposure and strong connections. It was designed specifically to protect insulated electrical conductors and cables.

Can rigid conduit be bent?

Whether EMT, galvanized rigid steel conduit, or intermediate conduit, you will need to bend it. Bends will be required as part of your installation. Of course, factory-made elbows are available for feeder sizes (11/4-in. and higher).

Why is it important to use rigid steel conduit?

Rigid metal conduit, or RMC, is heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing that is installed with threaded fittings. … It is typically used outdoors to provide protection from damage and can also provide structural support for electrical cables, panels, and other equipment.

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What is blue conduit used for?

Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing Conduit Coil, Blue. Conduit is piping or tubing designed to enclose and protect the wires.

What are the different types of conduits?

The following types of conduit are generally used for residential and commercial lighting.

  • Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) …
  • Rigid Metal Conduit (RMC) …
  • Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC) …
  • Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC) …
  • Liquid-tight Flexible Metal (LFMC) …
  • Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing- ENT. …
  • Rigid PVC Conduit.

How thick is IMC conduit?

Specification Data

Trade Size Metric Designator Average Wall Thickness**
1/2 16 1.79
3/4 21 1.9
1 27 2.16
1 1/4 35 2.16

How many wires can be in a conduit?

Allowable Conduit Fill Capacities

Size and Type of Conduit 14 AWG Wire 12 AWG Wire
1/2-inch EMT 12 9
3/4-inch EMT 22 16
1-inch EMT 35 26
1 1/2-inch EMT 84 61
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