What is the 911 number in Germany?

Police (calling from a German landline or cellphone) 110
Fire (calling from a German landline or cellphone) 112
Ambulance & Paramedics (calling from a German landline or cellphone) 112
Out-of-Hours Medical Care (calling from a German landline or cellphone) 116 117

How do you call an ambulance in Germany?

Emergency numbers & Emergency services in Germany

What to do / what number to call in an emergency or medical emergency in Germany: 112 for the fire brigade or an ambulance and 110 for the German police.

How do you call the police in Germany?

Police in Germany

You can contact the police in an emergency by calling 110 from any phone. This emergency number routes you to the nearest police station in Germany. If you want to contact the police outside of an emergency (for example, to report a minor crime), call 0800 6 888 000.

What is the actual number for 911?

ITU standard: 112 or 911.

Do 112 operators speak English?

Features of 112

In many cases you will have access to operators who speak a foreign language or who speak English when calling in a foreign country. … Calls to 112 can be traced so that your location is verified. On some phones you can dial the emergency number even if your phone is locked.

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How much does it cost to call an ambulance in Germany?

Ambulance. If a doctor says you need immediate treatment – i.e. in emergencies – transport to hospital is free. Usually you pay 10% of transport costs, from a minimum of €5, up to a maximum of €10, but not more than the actual cost. This fee is not reimbursed.

How much does an ambulance ride cost in Germany?

In Germany, ambulance rides are a maximum of $12 and are covered by healthcare systems in cases of emergency. In America, ambulance rides can cost thousands of dollars, leading people to take Ubers to avoid them.

How much do paramedics make in Germany?

A person working as an Ambulance Officer and Paramedic in Germany typically earns around 3,080 EUR per month. Salaries range from 1,420 EUR (lowest) to 4,900 EUR (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

Can you film police in Germany?

Can I film the police in Germany? There is no exception for police officers1, 2. … You can’t share photos or videos of police officers without getting their permission or blurring their faces.

Can German police enter your home?

No. They would need a search warrant which only a judge is permited to grant. However, if there is imminent danger (ger.:Gefahr im Verzug) there are entitled to go into the house/apartment. This means also that if German police officers smell drugs (e.g. weed) they could assume you are having a lot of weed.

Can you film cops in Germany?

Germany has the strongest privacy laws in the world. You can’t film anyone without their consent, except celebrities and politicians at public events.

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