Quick Answer: When can a certified EMT AEMT paramedic apply for inactive certification?

How do I get an inactive Nremt?

Registrants who request inactive status at the EMT level do not need to obtain verification of skills from their Training Officer/Supervisor. These registrants must complete all refresher, continuing education and CPR requirements. These registrants are eligible to recertify by examination if they so choose.

Why does my Nremt status say inactive?

National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT)

“Inactive status” means that you are not affiliated with an agency because your Training Officer or Medical Director did not sign off on your application. “Inactive” providers are still recognized as being Nationally Certified!

What is the length of time a provider has to provide a completed patient care report?


7 Protocols must have all of the following items EXCEPT: d) Geographic and duty status of personnel.
8 What is the length of time a provider has to provide a completed patient care report to the receiving facility? d) 24 hours
9 How long is an EMS provider license effective? Ten Years

How long does it take for NREMT to approve certification?

Allow 8 weeks for your renewal certification to be processed. Frequently Asked Recertification Questions What does the National Registry accept as valid continuing education? All education must be either state EMS office accepted or CAPCE accredited.

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What happens if you let your NREMT expire?

If you allow your NREMT certification to lapse, you are still allowed reentry into the National Registry. … If your certification has been lapsed for 0-24 months, or more than 24 months you have different requirements for reentry.

How do I maintain my NREMT?

Nationally Registered EMTs (NREMT) are required to renew their certification every two years. NREMTs can recertify by either taking the cognitive examination or by completing continuing education.

What happens if your NREMT expires?

If your EMT certificate lapses over one year and you have allowed your NREMT to lapse as well, then you will be required to pass the cognitive and psychomotor exams in order to reinstate your CA EMT certification.

Is it worth becoming an AEMT?

I think it’s worth it, especially if they pay for it. You will gain a slightly more advanced skill set in the meantime while you’re finishing up Paramedic school. It’ll make the first 2/3 of your medic program a bit easier if you already know some of the stuff.

What can an AEMT do that an EMT Cannot?

The EMT-Enhanced can start IV lines, perform dual-lumen airway insertion, and administer some medications such as D50W, glucagon, albuterol, epinephrine, and sometimes narcotics. They cannot, however, administer any cardiac medications.

How many hours does it take to become an AEMT?

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

EMTs must complete 120 to 150 hours of training to obtain certification. EMTs take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam. Most EMT training programs do not award a degree.

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