Quick Answer: Do I need emergency first aid at work or first aid?

Is there a difference between standard first aid and emergency first aid?

The difference is based on the number of hours and first aid content covered. The Standard First Aid Course is a two day course, minimum 14 hours. The Emergency First Aid Course is a one day course with a minimum of 6.5 hours.

Is emergency first aid at work enough?

The HSE recommends that if you work in a company with 5-50 workers, there should be at least one person trained in first aid. … For low risk workplaces with 25-50 people, there should be at least one first aider who holds an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate, with another first-aider per 100 employees.

What is emergency first aid at work?

Emergency first aid at work (EFAW) training enables a first-aider to give emergency first aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill while at work. First aid at work training includes the EFAW syllabus and also equips the first-aider to apply first aid to a range of specific injuries and illness.

How much does a first aid at work course cost?

First Aid Course Price List

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Course Title No Days Cert Fee
First Aid at Work 3 days Included
First Aid at Work Blended learning E-learning & 2days Included
First Aid at Work Re-Qualification 2days Included
Emergency First Aid at Work 1day Included

What is Level 3 emergency first aid at work?

The QA Level 3 Award in Emergency First Aid at Work (RQF) is a regulated and nationally recognised qualification designed for those who have a specific responsibility at work, to provide first aid in a range of emergency first aid situations.

What are the different levels of first aid?

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  • Which CPR level is right for me?
  • BLS – Basic Life support.
  • CPR-C.
  • CPR A.
  • Standard First Aid – BLS.
  • Standard First Aid – C.
  • Standard First Aid – A.

What are the 4 P’s in first-aid?

THE FOUR P. Control bleeding, lessen shock, give mouth to mouth or heart massage. e.g. active electric wire, protect from the weather.

Can my employer force me to do first-aid training?

The Regulations do not place a legal duty on employers to make first-aid provision for non-employees such as the public or children in schools. However, HSE strongly recommends that non-employees are included in an assessment of first-aid needs and that provision is made for them.

What are the 3 primary duties of a first aider?


  • Assess the situation quickly and calmly.
  • Protect yourself and them from any danger.
  • Prevent infection between you and them.
  • Comfort and reassure.
  • Assess the casualty and give first aid treatment.
  • Arrange for help if needed.
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