How much do paramedics get paid in BC?

How much are paramedics paid in BC?

Paramedic in Vancouver, BC Area Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
British Columbia Emergency Health Services Advanced Care Paramedic salaries – 4 salaries reported Vancouver, BC Area $41/hr
BC Ambulance Service Primary Care Paramedic salaries – 2 salaries reported Vancouver, BC Area $32/hr

Who gets paid more EMT or paramedic?

As a paramedic, you’ll earn more money than an EMT, which might affect your decision about becoming a paramedic vs. EMT. Paramedics generally make an average of about $40,000 annually, but can earn as much as $70,000 or more a year. EMT pay averages $33,000 a year, with the top earners taking home $51,000 a year.

How long does it take to become a paramedic in BC?

Primary care paramedic (PCP) requires a six-month (including practicum) certificate program. Advanced care paramedics (ACP) must complete an 18-month diploma program.

Why are paramedics paid so little?

A lot of places EMS is run by private for profit companies keeping wages low. EMS isn’t strongly unionized like the other two. Their job isn’t oftentimes considered “high risk” warranting less pay and retirement.

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How much does a critical care paramedic make in BC?

Critical Care Paramedic Salaries

Job Title Salary
British Columbia Emergency Health Services Critical Care Paramedic salaries – 1 salaries reported $93,243/yr
British Columbia Emergency Health Services Critical Care Paramedic salaries – 1 salaries reported $41/hr

How many paramedics work in BC?

The 4,400 Paramedics and Dispatchers of the Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia (APBC – our Union body) all work for BCEHS , and provide ambulance and 911 call-taking/dispatching service to BC’s 4.9 million people.

Can you live off of a paramedic salary?

EMTs and Paramedics can live off the salary they make. However, the lifestyle they can live will depend on location, experience, employer, and overtime hours.

What is the highest paid paramedic?

Top 5 Highest Paying Industries for Paramedics

Job Yearly Pay
1. Physician Assistant $87,000/yr
2. Offshore Paramedic $86,000/yr
3. S.W.A.T. Medic $75,000/yr
4. Fire Fighter Paramedic $66,000/yr

How long is a paramedic degree?

Paramedic science courses usually take between three or four years full time and include a mixture of theory and practical work including placements with the ambulance services.

What is harder paramedic or nursing?

They are hard in different ways- hospital nurses frequently care for a dozen or more patients at a time, while paramedics most often care for one patient at a time. Paramedics care for patients in a wide variety of difficult and unstable settings, while hospital nurses have a more structured environment.

What is the fastest way to become a paramedic?

What’s the fastest way to become an EMT? To become an EMT quickly, candidates should complete CPR certification, take a six-month training course, and sit for the NREMT exam immediately after completing training.

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What are the requirements to become a paramedic in BC?


  • Graduate of a certified paramedic program.
  • High school graduate with English language proficiency.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Immunization and medical screenings as required.
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