How long does it take to become a EMT Reddit?

It took 16 weeks for me to take the required class, then I had to pass the nremt test at a testing facility. Then I was an EMT-B. 16 weeks, California.

Is becoming an EMT worth it Reddit?

Absolutely can be a yes. Many will tell you to move on to RN or another health track and they aren’t necessarily wrong. Pay is better, more advancement etc. Ultimately it’s going to end up on you and what’s best for you.

Is it hard to be an EMT Reddit?

Yes, you’ll have a lot of people drop – because they thought it shouldn’t be so hard that they need to study. I studied more for this than I ever studied in school. Getting your EMT-B cert should not be anything close to “easy”.

What do EMT basics do Reddit?

Basic EMT does advanced first aide, CPR, AED, vitals, some BLS airway stuff, and some meds (pts own meds, epipen, glucagon, narcan, inhalers, po nitro etc). If they’re on an ambo rig they’ll drive often. They can do glucometry here.

Is it worth being a EMT?

If you define “worth it” in financial terms then, no, EMS is definitely not worth it. The way most in EMS make it work is to work a lot of overtime, have a side business or job you can do, marry someone who has a well paying job with good benefits, or lower your standards.

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How hard is it to pass the EMT test?

Most people taking the exam will fall between the 75 and 140 question allotment. The exam is difficult and many candidates do not pass during the first attempt. Most future EMTs pass the second or third time through. … The test is serious and the study habits of those taking it should be as well.

Are firemen EMTs?

Firefighter EMTs are first responders to fires and medical emergencies that threaten people and/or property. The EMT part of this title refers to emergency medical technician, and most firefighters have a basic EMT certification. … Firefighter EMT’s need to be physically fit for this occupation.

Is EMT an easy job?

Once you have qualified and certified as an EMT, it’s not as challenging to get a job. In most countries, EMTs are in demand and it is easy to get a job, so as long as you are certified, you have nothing to worry about!

Do paramedics use GPS?

EMTs and paramedics are not prohibited from using GPS,” said FDNY spokesman Frank Gribbon. “They are prohibited from using devices that would distract them from driving, like cellphones and MP3 players.”

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