How do you call the ambulance in GTA?

Dial 911 and select paramedics. Go to Contacts on your cell, press middle mouse button, clickityclick 911 using arrow keys and enter, and press middle mouse button again to make the call.

What does calling the paramedics do in GTA?

They arrive in groups of two in Ambulances (or the Medicar in Grand Theft Auto 2), and will attempt to revive the killed, with varying success; if the pedestrian is not mutilated by explosions or severe gunshot wounds, paramedics can revive the pedestrian.

Can you use Ambulance GTA 5?

But I was wondering if you can do Police/Ambulance and Firefighter missions as well? No, you have taxi missions, tow truck missions and random jobs for businesses that you own.

What happens if you call the police in GTA 5?

Grand Theft Auto V

In GTA V, police officers now act aggressively towards NPCs, engaging in car chases and gunfights against pursuers. Like GTA San Andreas, choppers can be found flying around South Los Santos looking for crime. They can also be found in the skies during a pursuit, whether be an NPC or a protagonist.

What is in the ambulance?

What is in an ambulance? Ambulances contain the equipment needed to stabilise someone who is ill or injured and to get them to hospital. That includes stretchers, defibrillators, spine boards, oxygen and oxygen masks, cervical (neck) collars, splints, bandages and a range of drugs and intravenous fluids.

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Can you be a firefighter on GTA 5?

You can choose to be a fireman, who gets to drive the fire engine around, or the battalion chief, who cruises around in a red Granger SUV. …

How do you turn on the ambulance sirens in GTA 5?


  1. Just make sure you tap L3 very quickly for the siren. Holding it down for too long will just sound the horn. User Info: farmery87. farmery87 – 8 years ago 1 2.
  2. double click the L3 button very quickly, simple as that. to turn it back off double click the L3 button again. User Info: TrueGamer5989.
Ambulance in action