Frequent question: How do you start the ambulance mission in GTA 4?

In order to actually start the mission, the player is required to remain in the vehicle for a short period of time; players who wish not to proceed can simply exit the vehicle, canceling the job.

Can you do Firefighter missions GTA 4?

no there not unfortunately.

Can you do ambulance missions in GTA V?

No, you have taxi missions, tow truck missions and random jobs for businesses that you own.

How do I make my CJ fireproof?

To get CJ be fireproof, you have to complete 12 Firefighter missions. Once you complete all 12 Firefighter missions, CJ will be fireproofed however he can still be affected by fire but since he is fireproofed, he will take no damage.

Can you do police missions GTA 4?

Overview. In GTA IV, the Vigilante missions are retooled. When Niko accesses a police car, he can access the criminal database computer and view crimes in progress in the area. The player has a time limit to get to the crime scene, but once there the timer stops.

Can you be a firefighter in GTA 5?

You can choose to be a fireman, who gets to drive the fire engine around, or the battalion chief, who cruises around in a red Granger SUV. …

Do GTA 3 cheats work on PS4?

GTA 3 Cheats For All PlayStation Consoles

Putting a new spin on Grand Theft Auto 3 with cheats codes for PlayStation (PS2, PS3 or PS4) is easy, quick and fun. If you were wondering how to activate cheats in the game, you’ve come to the right place.

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